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World of Warcraft loves to do classic releases and expansions, and the upcoming one is no different. The WoW world is on fire with the news and anticipation of this old-school classic come back to life. But ask yourself, when The Burning Crusades drops, are you ready to take on the challenges and conquer all?


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Are the rumors about a release date in 2021 real? 

Well, you can’t help but read about the rumors that Blizzard is releasing the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade beta in February. It’s literally everywhere… even if you don’t play open-world games, you’ve heard about it.

Burning Crusade is genuinely a classic among WoW editions. But ask yourself, are you ready for the journey ahead? Do you have the gear and character level to have a chance in… you know what to actually last?

With CoinLooting ‘s premier Gold and Boosting services, you get expert, experienced players to upgrade your character and reach the ultimate, much sought after maximum character level. Take on the Burning Crusade’s classic quests and get the advantage you’ve always wanted with our TBC Gold boosting program.

Before you play the beta, get the upgrades you need to kill every boss that comes your way. Don’t waste time with looting and mining, only to put everything you’ve earned at risk. Our WoW BC Gold and boosting services get your character maxed so you can conquer every quest and boss that comes your way!


World of Warcraft Classic vs. TBC

When comparing the World of Warcraft Classic and The Burning Crusade, just ask the fans and players. While only the designers and select few have had the chance to play the new Burning Crusade expansion, the buzz is all the rage anywhere you look.

So, the question is, which one is better? If you look at the enhancements in gameplay and more they built into the Burning Crusade expansion, you can see for yourself. There are no world buffs, which for anyone who’s played the WoW Classic knows is one of the gameplay’s most maligned components.

Blizzard took that controversy away with The Burning Crusade, but that’s not all! They amped up the Ranked PvP in TBC expansion to make climbing the ranks easier than before.

But if you’re going to climb the ranks in PvP, you need to have the gear to dominate. Are you prepared to destroy your opponents and conquer the rankings?

Our divine magic tells us that you aren’t. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our Gold and Boosting Services today and level up now before your character meets their demise in The Burning Crusade PvP.

The new expansion has completely redesigned Raids that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Bosses in The Burning Crusade no longer will have one or two mechanics. So, you need to be prepared with the loot to outlast the more challenging Bosses in TBC Raids!


PVE and PVP Systems in The Burning Crusade

If the rumors are true, and our magical intuition is right… which usually is, the PvP play has been completely rethought and upgraded with an improved casual player-vs-player system where you can find epic rewards if you’re brave enough to step into the arena.

In the timeless words of Maximus, “Are you ready?!” Are you? CoinLooting’s boosters are ready and waiting to take your character to the max, raid, and quest while they destroy anyone and anything in their paths and earn you the BC Gold you need to conquer all!

You think you’re ready for the new PvP play in World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade? If not, you will be after you get your hands on our gold boosts.

How about the PvE play in The Burning Crusade? It’s been taken to the max with ratings that ensure your character dominates. And upgraded servers to make it all the more enthralling.

You love World of Warcraft, and you’re on the edge of your seat awaiting the release of The Burning Crusade. So are we.

But are you ready for it? Is your character prepared, or are you going to try and be destroyed?

Try our WoW TBC Gold and boosting services to take your gameplay to the max. We’ll get you ready. The rest is up to the quest you choose.

Be ready with CoinLooting.


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