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World of Warcraft – a legend among online role-playing games

WoW has been a highlight among MMORPGs worldwide since 2004. The number of palyers remains high thanks to constant new updates and new addons and the players are faced with new challanges.

Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, everything hast revolved around farming gear, gold and reputation. Farming was very difficult in 2004, but it has become easier these days. In general, WoW has become more and more pleasant and agile due to the various addons such as The Burnings Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King or the latest addon Battle for Azeroth when it comes to farming gold and items.

WoW Raids Retail vs Classic

In World of Warcraft Classic, the size of the raids was 40 players. They had to play on a realm because there was no cross realm as it is with retail today. This difficult hurdle was rewarded in classic times with tier sets and legendary items. The player also got a high reputation on his server.

In today’s World of Warcraft, the raids are limited to a maximum of 30 players. If the difficulty is set to mythical, the fixed number of players must be 20. Unlike World of Warcraft Classic, there are now various levels of difficulty, such as LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic. The raids have generally become significantly more sophisticated and complex compared to the very first raids in World of Warcraft Retail. Remedial measures, however, are provided by various addons that help the player in the boss fights that did not exist at the time.

Alliance vs Horde

The war begins anew as the Horde and Alliance square off in the most epic clash ever to hit MMORPGs, Battle for Azeroth.

Players must declare their allegiance and battle to the death against the opposing side as all previous world-defining moments culminate in this decisive war between WoW’s oldest factions.

The Legion’s march has left much of the world devastated, and now the war between the Horde and the Alliance threatens to tip it all into total darkness. There are rumors that the old god N’zoth stirs again, and it might require the intervention of heroes from both sides to stop him from finally unleashing his will upon the face of Azeroth.

Players can level to 110 as one of a range of new allied races. Start a new journey in Azeroth exploring the seafaring Alliance kingdom of Kul Tiras or the Horde empire of Zandalar. Bring the war to the naga directly at their home on Nazjatar or explore the mysterious gnomish island of Mechagon.

While the din of war across Azeroth might be loud, the old gods stir again as Visions of N’zoth brings new terrors for the Horde and Alliance to face. Battle on the field of Dazar’alor, delve into the Eternal Palace and scale the perils of Ny’alotha.

Gamers that find themselves needing a break from all the epic battles and heady trials of WoW’s latest update should be comforted by the addition of high-seas adventures as players across Azeroth sail forth in an effort to discover – and plunder – islands dotted across the sea.

Gain new resources, encounter challenging new enemies, and face off – or work with – opposing ships of players as you race across the seas to secure your empire of treasure and mats. Players can also storm the Warfronts in a new battlefield experience, assault enemy lands, and use Titanic magic to upgrade player armor.

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