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Amazon’s brand new MMORPG “New World” was all set to release this year, but the date has now been shifted to May 2021. This delay impacted the excitement of passionate gamers who wanted to get in and experience a whole new world. But the good news is, you can sign up for the New World alpha testing program and play it before the masses do. This game is a combination of combat, resource collection (New World Coin), and crafting, which give it an overall appealing look. If you love collection quests and hand-on battles, New World has the potential to become your favorite. Those who have already started their alphas test have mixed reviews about the gameplay and a few management techniques, which we’ll discuss in the following sections.

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The Combat-System in New World

The New World is a combat plus resource collection game, which offers roleplay and multi-player fights. This game is set in the 17th Century North America, where you have the freedom to choose your avatar and the enemies you’d fight against. You’ll be fighting against the monsters who are the residents of that universe. To survive in the new world, one must collect and protect multiple resources like new world gold, armor, and other survival tools. These resources can be bought with the currency New World Coin.

You’ll compete against wildlife, the undead corrupted enemies, and a few supernatural forces as you progress. The new world was initially focused on survival, but the latest updates about leveling up, supernatural elements, and resource collection have made it more like a quest venture. With New World Coin you can buy better equipment and gear for your character.  You choose your avatar, role in the team, and the duties you’ll perform. This freedom of choice has earned New World a lot of positive reviews from the testers.

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Resource management in New World (Coin)

When you land in Aeternum, the main fictional island in the game, you have to collect various essentialities to proceed and survive. Amazon has added a twist in this resource collecting phase by assigning a limited time to it. If you spend too much time collecting new world gold or any other gear, your enemy will wipe you out. Also, there is an energy meter that determines the number of sword swings or hammer hits you’re allowed to do. Once your meter hits zero, you’ll have to recharge it with new resources. When a player loses his energy, he becomes a liability for the team; to avoid that, the teammates get an option to share their resources like all other MMORPGs.

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Roleplay and the World

Since the players have multiple roles to complete, you can select what you’d do, unlike survival-only games. Whether you want the big steel armor and stay in the front defense line or a leather gear with bow and arrow to cover up, it’s your call. The New world was designed to combine several game genres, and working as a team is one of them.

Crafting and Coin farming in New World

When you enter the new world, you have to collect, claim, and shelter the resources you gather. Clearing a territory from enemies and building a fort there is one of the main missions you’ll do. Building new localities, buildings, and safe points will claim your status in Aeternum. Your crafting skill is heavily tested when the corrupted forces attack your fort and try to claim it. If a fort falls, all the upgrades you have gathered inside are gone. Hence, New Game is all about teamwork, crafting skills, and timely decisions to stop the enemy.

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The alpha testers are loving the innovative theme and role play. But, most say that the universe doesn’t look fully developed, and several changes are required to improve it. However, we can only give the verdict after the game is available for the masses in 2021.

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