The Elder Scrolls Online

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The Game

The Elder Scrolls Online has become a buy-to-play game since March 2015 and subscription is only optional. The game world is now scaling. So beginners can experience adventures toghether with veterans. Every year the ESO development team brings 3 DLCs and a large expansion to the market. The next patch is called Greymoor and is expected to be released in May 2020.

A few tips for beginners

Equip many different skills and abilites: When you start your advernture in Tamriel, equip as many different abilities from the different skill lines as will fit in your action bar. Even if you think there are useless, your abilities will still be upgraded as you gain experience. This will also upgrade the accociated skill lines.

Pick everything up and try everything: While exploring Tamriel, you should pick everything up and test every armor or weapon you find. This will unlock their skill line for future use. If you have equipped three pieces of armor from one type of armor, you will also unlock their skill line. If you want to level up the weapon skill line, equip a skill by dragging it into your action bar. Even if you don’t use a waepon, you will experience it and get a higher skill level.

Find and eat food: Food can give you urgently needed upgrades of your attributes and values. If you practive the supply skill line, you can cook your own food.

Additional Information

Delve into the heart of Skyrim’s eldritch Greymoor as The Elder Scrolls Online takes players on an epic, year-long journey through one of gaming’s most famous locations.

Part of the epic Dark Heart of Skyrim series, Greymoor will introduce players to a world of hidden threats and arcade mysteries as they seek to foil the dark plots teeming underneath the earth. They were inspired by dark, gothic horror and monsters taken directly from nightmares. The mysterious enemy that threatens to overrun Skyrim, then the world, comes from under the earth itself. Players will have to delve into the deeps to face it, but they won’t have to do it alone.

A journey through a mystical world that is taken directly from the mainline games of the same name, The Elder Scrolls Online is a player-driven experience where battle, community, and intrigue lie at the heart of everything. Presented in a lusciously rich fantasy world seemingly born from the minds of Tolkien and George RR Martin, TESO gives adventurers the trappings of an RPG with the boundless joy of an adventure game.

Players choose a race and a class, working their way from the bottom up through quests and awesomely dangerous encounters and experiencing some of the best writing and storytelling in gaming as they go. Factions and race selection are critical to how the player experiences that narrative in this game, and the community aspect is second to none. Players that value a rich gaming experience on all levels will appreciate TESO’s mature, classical approach to delivering a swords-and-sorcery yarn like no other. Engage in epic battles, conduct daring stealth reconnaissance missions, or simply build and decorate a home, The Elder Scrolls Online has something for everyone and is perhaps one of the fascinating game worlds out there on the Internet.